Politically Stable

Luxembourg is a founding Member of the European Union (“EU”) and represents today a unique Grand Duchy in the world. The Luxembourg State is a representative democracy, under a constitutional monarchy, whose crown is an inheritance from the Nassau family.

The constitutional monarchy system is perfect for this country where social agreement and dialogue prevail and where governmental stability is an example.

Since 2000, His Royal Highness, the Grand Duke Henri is the Head of the Luxembourg State.

Luxembourg has been an independent and sovereign state since 19 April 1839 (upon the signature of the Treaty of London), and its legislative and executive powers are spread among different but interconnected bodies.

The judicial power is totally independent. Courts are requested by the Constitution to exercise the judicial power. The legislative power relies on the joint action of the Chamber of Deputies, the Government and the State Council. The Grand Duke and the government form the actual constitutional body of the executive power.

A Beautiful Country

With an area of 2,586 square km, Luxembourg stretches from North to South, within a maximum distance of 82 km and 57 km from East to West. It contains 148 km of borders with Belgium, 135 km with Germany, and 73 km with France. Its total population reached 511,840 inhabitants as of January 1, 2011. The national language is Luxembourgish which is also an administrative language alongside French and German.

In a wooded country such as Luxembourg, agriculture and viniculture are also important. Local specialties include jugged hare, Ardennes Ham, and also trout and pike. Wine production in the Moselle valley, neighboring Germany, produces famous and popular white wines and, like other northern countries, Luxembourg also produces well-known beers.

A Strong Economy

Luxembourg has belonged to the Euro zone since the inception of the Euro.

The economy of Luxembourg is essentially based on investment management, banking, and the insurance or reinsurance industry. Luxembourg is also a hub for investment in Europe and other part of the world, benefitting from an attractive international taxation. Luxembourg is also a Major Player in the steel industry and develops other fields of activities, such as movies, e-commerce, and intellectual property.